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let's say i'm the troika and here cleese hungry stumping for the fight wall street fraud thank you for helping. destroy that's right. that's slavery. trade and investment have become magic spills to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investor a chapter of a trade agreement as opposed to something very different but won't win investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secret sites all the environment. that means that if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be certain. of taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop the
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oracle wife from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a 4 inch company sued egypt because egypt raise its minimum wage to democratic choice trump. joined us as we try to find don't want to. according to u.n. estimates by 2019 the flow of migrants out of africa hood reached 36000000. around one 3rd of the displaced africans make their way north to to europe.
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got the news bought a few briefly got to you. sir many people determined to reach europe risking their lives to do so to do other things and to profit from their perilous journey. what if we didn't go. one. among them bangladesh. a modern family with a. bias that the body of own there wasn't even trying to show that are not me left active at this in but i am out of many that. there were some additional ways from the us but i want our barbershop the dialect out there from brokaw still need
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a month for the past but go on hammock of our day and into all of this will and will not put on i am not it as for the tone i am going deaf and need this and that and out but only if accept of whatever let off the light. poverty brutal regimes and endless war have forced many migrants to flee their home countries in search of better lives for many intermediaries that's become a lucrative business. and saddam has anna. on fire. leave it out have. we have to ask why libya because civil war has raged there for years no one pays any attention to migrants who buy a place on an inflatable boat is just 250 nautical miles to italy but not everyone
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makes it there when i mean leave yet there are still. room for. our kind of where i want it. if i want it gets hard and. what can i want to. back a man as his head bangladesh. i want to connect. for. this is if i don't. know maybe they can take a bite of water system me. i mean this is the 2nd i want to. often need to remember countries toppled the gadhafi government and 2011 civil war broke out in libya. the facility did the torture and trafficking of migrants so now all migrants are eager to escape to italy members of the african mafias promised them safe and quick passage to europe they depart they leave for
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their country but once they arrive in libya after they make the 1st step in libya they are enslaved saw they count speech europe and they can even spend 2 or 3 years even libya as that leaves. that head to head to be we didn't have an animal. i am not with us i am not one of them and i'm. if you have an. image of. slavery still prevails in the 21st century saw. the. truth nobody was talk about. in libya now
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can basically take a migrant in the street in take them into their house and put him under slavery and ask him to do whatever they want in other way how they used to exploit the migrants they torture for and in some means the migrant under store i mean why they call the family back in their country they say look this is your son we are torturing him if you don't send money we will probably kill him so send money and we will stop and we will release him. an elaborate system for extracting money from migrants has developed over the years some profit by acting as brokers for trips to libya others meet them there in pocket whatever money remains when migrants have no cash sold into slavery. i think that that. was out of the one. that was may.
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begin and even if they had you know what to do not sit out. and i will not. leave your mom on or off it until you know it and if you don't get it out according to the international organization for migration more than 650000 people who dream of making it to italy of gathered in libya alone it's not like it was happening for example 10 years ago or. embarking on fisherman boats wooden boats with their own. sometimes when they were losing their roots and they tell them cause god we're finding them even after 2 weeks of navigation through the sea they were basically on and i've of course starving because they would not eat for 2 weeks but they both were there i mean. why now it is different because these are rubber boats made with
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very bad plastic basically can call for just one 5th of the distance between the costs and the costs after they seem. to bring. this plastic the boats carrying 105 the passengers there's a lot of women think it's. 6 people. paid $7600.00 i talked to the people of with migrants and even they want to embark. and i e i. i ask them do you know that there are the woods we never make it alone. don't know a thing they can arrive directly to the island course on these rubber boats. different
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. if you're going to. do you going to students and now you can come. a little bit you know. on a cell not in the. senate like enough. and they were. moved. well through. 2 seattle 4th of 90 that's going on are going for the 20 or they. are going for. the or e. o e. if oprah tell you
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a deal about corning she did book. and that they don't call you carol. but after all. it's important to notice that they weren't in distress the risk you ship simply found the migrants near the libyan coast then took them to italy. 2 who are on the fertile ground to do a journey and i gave that up and there we are disinviting at 1032 people from the aquarius here in italy these people were found in the central mediterranean sea unsee where is the rubber boats and they were in danger to drown so if we had not been there they they would have died in geo ships began to ferry thousands of illegal migrants to europe newspapers reported that they were being rescued clues to the sicilian
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sure but many say that isn't the case in mainstream media not least the. jani. one of the live fake news or bad propaganda. this young italian decided to compare newspaper articles with the actual itineraries of rescue ships which is how he exposed one of the biggest scams of the last decade. be more of the someone a lot of fun though. the media. been even. but. she put out that amount that would be coming through me from the. ground to being an awful comedian out to get a little steadily be. a
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queen but most plotted develop was its handling of the old and. if i meant that it wasn't until now a beautiful example of. it was done so many different unocal many times on the night of make. you know we don't need to check out the submission on something was done zona event at the pentagon for the cost and only be up at a point. in your on the openings on the slow going into the fundamental. international maritime law states that people rescued at sea should be delivered to the nearest safe port but the ships didn't take them to 2 new 0 motor budget delayed. by picking up migrants off the libyan coast rescue ship step outside the constraints of criminal law. and down some dead sound and geos are in contact
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with the trafficking human trafficking for example the. french the secret service intercept our caller that say you know there is one of the angels the tall swede human trafficking and say oh yeah we are going to start now so they did it. with my guns and we. would be there to recover does migrants. and contacts like that between traffickers and rescue ships serves to boost turnover the criminal gangs we repeatedly asked several in g. . rescue migrants in the mediterranean for an interview or at least a statement many didn't reply but the few that did just gave a polite 2. but
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i think the issue of all of. the media on this feels. they named it. i guess or i guess because for example all of the migrants we leave are from the libyan cos they normally have a number on their satellite phone to call or to be skewed. views isn't alone already a proof of this kind of connection. as the election cycle rages on the media highlights or even invents what they deem to be important even radical what they don't tell you is how the political center is collapsing in today's campaign is what voters think about the status quo.
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it. gives the names of the weekends and the territorial waters off into laymen's optimistically have been pointing game. we have been saying all together man responsible for it to day we have to because it's responsible for the closest place of safety to your position the rescue ship captains comment to the media is misleading the closest countries to the risk to newsier almost certainly not italy
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so why does everyone except statements like that. we have an army we have radars we have satellites that know where the sheep are everybody knew i level politician i level journalists already knew that nobody just one. exposed me you know. it's was a. it's was a business forum for many of. us to tell people oh yeah. actually from levy on they are not from sicily. because i can assume when you share. the soil the space. the cinquera will give you an. even better just. to pass on it but in the cinquera up a sauna. i mean this pain bad but i also thought it was the.
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ok store. multiple but at the. time i was the butt of some of the many molly that. people seem to be questioning the. business model profit like with cisco bad. fuel. in. the last 80 years 2 european union has already accepted more than 3000000 refugees . with the sauna. of the jaw many many. many. more. than a change of i mean. joining me.
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is in the clinton way. he. was the butt of so on sunday. but was his chief on the scene that got the end of this post the progress as chief of. the independence of the cia you know mr. song. it's all been caught of the import that it was the bus on a barricade even the scabby didn't want me to lend you. this project started if you could be good if we just came to work out the pool to do tourist business. if your name is correct.
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the name your father. your mother ok believe to be honest. is correct. yes it is ok i read your story that you started to. it is just your rule that. this fire is. part of the receipt and keep it your mother of the just. helps migrants adapt to the new wild he's convinced that his work is all vital importance to society. besides 3 guys who fished out. by the sea no. no. i think that.
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seems to you. the results have been very very very good too ok because now 80 percent of big ice wark ok and to leave said in their. situation. and. not. by. our job is to steer the big guys to job placement to relationship we can save it be because from your start and the job gave
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a good result for the. honey to live in the moment they did it. but i'm a life is telling us only. i'm. in the pocket i mean. and you think you have. to lose the. big book around money kind of. a little dog bit. i mean that. i'm a life. when i'm a day on this and this is a life and an honest i don't i don't know i. i i i i know too well italians are quite so eager to accept migrants there you have more than enough of their own problems which in a small unit also didn't you get to know your thoughts or you bust your own it did
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to me that i did it would probably make a sufficient that you want to meet up there so since i will sense or not to look at yours or sort of set up a stick to your shoulder not pull a search on most of. the german government because the intent of. 0 for now with germany's of the to 25 percent of all the migrants they. see for disease disease completely illogical because if your review decided to share of these migrants you have to get them out from through flights because it doesn't make sense to food them. one more time. on to these rubber boats and to risk life once more. the international organization for
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migration claims that since $21415.00 people have died attempting to cross the mediterranean sea sealy is even too less i mean i would say even i'm a screaming because you are talking about the nature of selection the north writes you're talking about natural selection can survive laws then. this is natural selection this is another abuse on the skin of the migrants. likely to fly zones of migrants from libya by playing the current arrangement works well for the migrants by passage an approach that has little chance of reaching italy rescue ships will save some the rest will simply drown.
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i found the way to get in touch potentially with the migrants from the libyan soil. by forming their heads and they are connecting that to internet and i was surprised to discover that the majority of the migrants he via still have access to internet therefore they can speak to do worth let's say so i can say that i got in touch with thousands of migrants from the libyan soil and i chatted with her on the rights of them continuously and i mean daily with dance of their. how. do you. and you hear me. i am mean the sounds of tunisia where are you now.
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many of the migrants who crossed the border in the last month to escape from libya and they found shared fear here in tunisia after a raid on your facebook pages. and us boys we're going back to d.c. they decided to go back to libya so what proof of the fact that they put up the works and the dissolution cannot be the n.g.o.s boats in the sea these are not the solution on the on the contrary are used to call it the kind of mortal b. because it's a track being the migrants in a base where they should not be the migrants should not be in to see if you're oprah wants to save them if europe wants to welcome them they have to evacuate them by flights out of libya to europe.
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i think that many n.g.o.s have these no border ideology and they want to help as much people as possible so they do really believe that maybe they are not directly connected with human trafficking but they become a tool for human trafficking so all they may be a useful idiots for a. traffic and it's called a coup or fox or saw they are inviting you say that surgery are inviting more and more people to come and that's risky. i don't see where is the problem if the ngos are in contact with this marvelous with the traffickers i would even suggest that the enjoys to speak freely and say
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yes we are in touch with them because we care about their lives and therefore we want to assure the migrants we have the highest chances to get the rescued and therefore to survive but you know to speak freeways not a common behavior currently in europe saw we start to speak feed the even acknowledges to cross the sea in these conditions is another way. because as i explained in my videos the more people are involved the human traffic or use the weaker and weaker ships saw before they used. wooden ship and then they use an inflatable ship like those 4 and a kids now because they are human traffic or if there are more people they have to
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improvise. they can he use this all follow katie then we can put 10 people here and send it but there are the n.g.o.s this will save you to anyway we can use literally anything to do to traffic people that's the problem the new wave of a tally of politicians led by cell feeney responded to look good on adele's investigation in the room unique way they bound ships carrying migrants from italy's territorial waters but in late 29 teams was sacked from the government and the borders will be reopened. it.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. you. didn't. just buy in.
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your. in the headlines. of the $26.00 russia. 2 deaths from. its new measures to hold the spread of coronavirus coming to see if we meet russians who being part of the country's line of defense self isolating off. from italy i thought it would be safer to get out and back to moscow i'm currently in the safest place. of military driven operation the spread of. as the global economy tries to. survive and growing public. also in the headlines.


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